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As EK's solution is vehicle E/E architecture-agnostic and cloud infrastructure-agnostic, it can be applied to many industries. Our clients include new entrants to electric vehicle industry, traditional automotive OEMs, autonomous commercial vehicle makers and other non-passenger vehicle makers. 

Depending on their needs and existing process, these EK clients use EK software with or without EK hardware in different stages of their vehicle development. Be it prototyping, test and development, vehicle integration, or production vehicles, the power and flexibility offered by EK's Intelligent Vehicle Mobility Platform enables and empowers our client to create a vehicle mobility solution that best fits their requirements, schedule, and budget.

Here you will see two of our projects and see how they leverage the power of EK's vehicle mobility solution.

Electrified Towing

This client used EK's hardware (both the High-performance Computer and the Telematics units) and in-vehicle software as the full mobility solution to an all-electric RV trailer. EK's HPC integrated with other 3rd party components, connecting using EK's Telematics box, the client was able to remotely control movement of the trailer using EK's mobile app on an iOS phone. 

Fast Prototyping

The client in this use case is an established passenger automotive maker looking for an all-in-one solution to create prototypes and validate ideas quickly and economically. They selected EK's hardware for its computing capacity and capability to support light-weight, container based apps. EK's in-vehicle software open API gave the client an extra layer of freedom and flexibility to create vehicle apps themselves or collaborate with a 3rd party vendor.

Virtual ECU Test Rig

With supply chain challenges, this client’s vehicle software development was halted before they adopted EK’s solution to move all test and development into EK’s virtualization environment.


Utilizing multiple units of EK’s powerful hardwares, some as vehicle gateway while others as device-under-test, the client also took full advantage of EK’s open software architecture and used EK APIs to develop, test, and enable whole-vehicle Over-the-air update for their production electric vehicle, despite not having any physical ECUs available.

Virtual ECU Test Rig.jpg
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