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ElectroKnox aims to be the vehicle digitization enabler for OEMs in a myriad of industries to better serve their customers, increase profit margin, and stay ahead of competition through vehicle data collection, management, and analytics. 


Brian Xiong

Brian Xiong is a dedicated and visionary leader, recognized for his significant contributions to the consumer electronics and automotive industries. As the founder and CEO of ElectroKnox, Brian is passionate about driving the transformation of the automotive landscape with his unique car computer and in-vehicle software stack, aimed at helping automakers accelerate their transition to software-defined vehicles.


With a notable career that includes leading software development efforts for products such as the Byton Smart Gateway and Telematics Units, GoPro Hero, and Barnes & Noble NookColor, as well as being part of the pioneering team that developed the original Palm WebOS, Brian Xiong continues to strive towards technological innovation and shape the future of the automotive industry with his visionary leadership


Xinlei Qiu

Xinlei is a highly versatile and knowledgeable leader with extensive experience across a range of industries, including automotive and information technology. As co-founder of ElectroKnox, Xinlei is deeply committed to transforming vehicle mobility software development, empowering automakers to create software-defined vehicles that meet the needs of modern consumers.


With a wealth of hands-on experience and a proven track record of success in leadership positions at every stage of the software development lifecycle, Xinlei is passionate about improving software development processes and enhancing user experience.


Her contributions to the development of products such as Byton Vehicle Mobility Solutions and Tesla Model 3  Diagnostic Software are a testament to her commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.


Bill Thompson

Bill has brought countless connected digital experiences to market across land, sea, air and virtual environments. Over multiple generations of product, he has helped to bring industry-leading technologies such as Autonomous Cruise, Advanced Park Assist, Augmented Reality, Google Built-In, Apple Car Play, realtime 3D, as well as enhanced drive modes like Watts-to-Freedom and CrabWalk to market. 


He is a Lecturer at the University of Michigan, teaching Customer Experience Design for the Automotive Industry.


Bill emphasizes the significance of seamless digital experiences for both users and brands, particularly in a future of boundless mobility options.

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