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All-in-one Mobility Solution

Fast-prototyping to Software-Defined Vehicle:

Hardware, Software, & Experience


One mobility solution that lets you do it all: from prototyping to fleet management

ElectroKnox creates powerful solutions that enable vehicle digitization for OEMs across industries. By making it easy to collect, manage, and analyze vehicle data, ElectroKnox empowers OEMs to provide superior customer service, increase profit margins, and stay ahead of the competition. With ElectroKnox, OEMs can unlock the full potential of their vehicle data and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Everything you need: from fast-prototyping to software-defined vehicle


Our high-performing, configurable hardware allows powerful software to run inside a vehicle, for unique vehicle features to seamless data transfer within the vehicle and between vehicle and external sources, regardless of the network architecture.


Its modular and expandable design ensures that your vehicle is always equipped with the latest and most advanced data and connectivity capabilities.

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Use EK's software to simplify vehicle E/E architecture and software development, seamlessly integrate with a wide range of providers for greater flexibility and scalability. This reduces time and resources required for design and development, leading to higher quality products. EK's modular software architecture is easy to customize and integrate with existing systems, ideal for OEMs in automotive, heavy equipment, marine, etc. EK's software solution improves vehicle production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


We pride ourselves on our research-driven approach to developing cutting-edge connected experiences that prioritizes the user experience.


Our teams are made up of experts in their fields who use the latest insights and data to design and bring to market world-class connected experiences. By focusing on the end user and their needs, we create intuitive and seamless experiences that enhance and simplify the lives of our users.

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EK provides customizable and scalable solutions for vehicle manufacturers in various industries. With a focus on simplifying vehicle E/E architecture and software development, EK's hardware and cloud-agnostic software allows for seamless integration with a wide range of providers. The software's modular architecture enables easy customization and integration with existing systems, making it an ideal solution for industries such as automotive, construction, marine, and more. By leveraging research-driven insights and a user-centered design approach, EK creates world-class connected experiences that set new standards and transform the future of connected technology.


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